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The Ford Escape helps you navigate life and its tougher roads more easily

No matter how jam-packed and busy your day might be, you've still got to keep going. That's why driving a vehicle you can count on to cater to all your needs is ideal. The 2017 Ford Escape certainly doesn’t fall short of this.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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You can find the 2017 Escape right here at Riverhead Ford. Our team will happily tell you all about its…

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Exceptional Power and Capability in the 2017 Ford F-250

When you're in need of a seriously powerful vehicle but even a full-size pickup truck isn't quite enough for your performance needs, then look no further than the lineup of Ford Super Duty trucks! The experts at MotorWeek took the wheel of a 2017 Ford F-250 in the King Ranch trim and a V8 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine kicking out 440 horsepower, and they absolutely loved it. From the confident ride, to the monstrous towing and hauling capabilities, to the safety tech like Adaptive Cruise Control, and much more, we can safely say that the F-250 could…

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100 Years of Progress with Ford Trucks

A little while ago here on the blog , we talked about the how the Ford F-150 has changed since 1995. Well, this year marks 100 years since Ford officially entered the truck-making business and, let us tell you, a lot has changed since those humble beginnings. In the video below, the automaker has put together a quick timeline of these trucks, from 100 years ago to the upcoming 2018 F-150, so you can see the visual changes over the last century. See for yourself and be amazed:


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Redesigned 2018 Expedition Makes Long-Awaited Changes

The Ford Expedition has always been an SUV defined by its performance. It shares engine options with its spiritual sibling, the F-150, and will take after the iconic truck even more for the upcoming 2018 redesign.

After spending a decade without any significant changes, the 2018 Expedition is being redesigned right down to the materials it is made of. Just like the F-150, the 2018 Expedition will have aluminum...

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Ford F-150: What's Changed Since 1995?

A lot can happen in 22 years. Children born in 1995 are graduating college, and trucks built that year have been replaced by new models that make them look antiquated.

In a recent Autotrader video, the 2017 Ford F-150 goes head-to-head against a 1995 Ford F-150 to find out how much has changed.

When you were young, pickup trucks were tough and manly—if by manly, you mean uncomfortable. Really, really uncomfortable. The lift kit installed on the 1995 F-150 does its suspension no favors in softening bumps in the road, but even in its original state, anyone who has…

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How Ford is Bringing the Latest Smartphone Features to 2010 Model-Year Vehicles

Today, more and more cars come equipped with built-in modems for connecting to a 4G network. These advanced connected cars are also able to use their connectivity to communicate with smartphone apps, giving drivers the ability to control certain parts of their vehicles remotely:

  • On vacation halfway around the world, and your friend needs to borrow something stashed in your trunk? Now you can lock and unlock your car from your phone.
  • Is it a long chilly walk...
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Money Saving Fuel Economy Tips

Saving money is hard to do when raising a family, and it always seems that something comes up to keep you from saving a few extra dollars a month to put aside. But there is something you can do to save money everyday, and that is to increase the MPG your car gets.

Its not hard to increase the fuel economy of your vehicle. Just do a couple things and you will see savings happen right before your eyes.

Drive your car when rush hour traffic is not very high. Everyone wants to get home quickly, but if you wait…
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