Test Drive a New Ford Edge at Riverhead Ford Today

If you’ve decided upon a midsize sport-utility vehicle as your next automotive purchase, it’s time to get acquainted with the popular 2018 Ford Edge. Whether you’re seeking comfortable seating, ample cargo space or a stylish exterior, you’ll find all that and performance as well when you take a closer look at the Edge.

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Ford F-150: Capability for Productive Lives

One of the country's top-selling full-size pickups, Ford F-150's engineering sophistication helps projects and jobs go smoother and does the heavy lifting for you.

More than other pickups in its class, Ford F-150 can tow with the best of them. Available with the 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6, this second-generation engine is rated at more than 375 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque for real power in meeting your towing needs.

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How the Ford Fiesta ST Highlights Tech

The Ford Fiesta ST attracts attention not just because of its sporty style or bright orange color option but because of its EPA-estimated 33 MPG on the highway and 197-horsepower 1.6L EcoBoost® engine. It achieves this level of performance with an assist from Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing. Electric Power-Assisted Steering makes low-speed driving easier while offering more road feel at higher speeds.

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Check Out These Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

The Ford Fusion Energi is a popular plug-in hybrid that really has been getting a ton of attention these days. Here are some performance features boosting the popularity of the Fusion Energi.

The Ford Fusion Energi makes it easier for the driver to see the road and other drivers to see your vehicle. This hybrid is equipped with LED taillamps and headlamps that allow the vehicle to be more visible, especially in inclement weather. 

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Good Brake Pads Mean Good Brakes

When you press the brakes your vehicle, an enormous amount of friction is created between the brake calipers and the brake rotors. When everything is working correctly, the brake pads will absorb most of the friction and the rotors will only absorb a small portion. This keeps the braking system functioning as expected.

Every time the brake pedal is depressed, brake fluid changes the pressure in the brake lines and causes the brake calipers to squeeze the wheel brake rotors. 

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Impressive Ford Escape Capability Features

A lot of sport utility vehicles make a lot of impossible claims, but the Ford Escape lives up to them. It is one of the more popular SUVs in its class because of its capability features that make it one of the more practical choices you can buy.

One thing that makes the Ford Escape unique is its curve control and torque vectoring control to reduce throttling, prevent the brakes from locking, and transfer the torque to the parts of the car with the most control. 

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Ford Taurus Comes Full of Technology Features You'll Appreciate

The all-new Ford Taurus is a full-size sedan you need to see to believe. Here are some of the technology features that make this vehicle stand out from the crowd.

The new Taurus is changing the way you drive on the highway. Before you change lanes, the Blind Spot Information System scans around the car and sends the driver an alert when a vehicle moved into the blind spots. Simply wait for the alert to turn off to safely change lanes.

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Ford Explorer Design Features

What is your best bet for an attractive three-row sports utility vehicle that still delivers on mileage and performance? Probably the Ford Explorer. One of the most popular SUVs available today, it is the ultimate balance of form and function with enough space to transport seven people in an SUV that's both powerful and pleasing to the eye.

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How to Jump-Start Another Car

When you’re putting an emergency kit together for your car, it’s a practical idea to include a set of jumper cables. They don’t require much space and could help another or you off the side of the road. They are straightforward to use with a little instruction and practice. The first thing to consider is that each end contains a red clamp for a positive charge and a black clamp for a negative. 

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Car Battery and Cold

We here at Riverhead Ford Lincoln know how much wear and tear the cold weather months can place on your vehicle and it is important to remember that you should keep up with routine maintenance and let us address any issues that you may be having with your vehicle so when you need to rely on your vehicle, it will be there for you

Your battery is a very important part of your vehicle as it helps your car start each time you need to go somewhere. 

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